What is InterX Therapy?

This is one of our newest pieces of equipment. I love it and it has become my go to treatment modality for so many clients.

InterX therapy uses non-invasive electrical stimulation to communicate with the central nervous system to treat acute and chronic pain and provide soft tissue release increase range of motion with the goal to return to functional activities. It can be used for acute, chronic and hypersensitive pain.

Our neurological clients present with pain for many reasons for example:

  • Chronic pain such as shoulder pain from pushing manual wheelchair or from poor posture when sitting in a wheelchair
  • Acute pain from overreaching to the overhead cupboards
  • Hypersensitive pain from a spinal cord injury, stroke or ABI
  • Muscle tightness and pain associated with reduced ability to use their arm from a stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury or trauma.

Reducing pain is always a priority as it can impact on movement and lifestyle.

Treatment plans will vary depending on the type of pain that you present with. InterX therapy can be used in conjunction with other therapy treatments.

Why might you benefit from InterX Therapy?

  • It can provide immediate results in reduction of pain an increased normal range of motion.
  • It can relieve nerve pain or burning pain that is not relieved by injections or medications
  • It can help reduce reliance on pain relief medications
  • It delivers high amplitude and high current density without discomfort, up to 20 times stronger compared to TENS treatment
  • As it targets your central nervous system causing your body to release its own natural pain relieving chemicals called endorphins pain relief is long term
Client Story

We have been assisting Lynne for three years now. Lynne has complained of shoulder pain for a while and this has impacted her functionally in so many ways but particularly her personal care. She has difficulty lifting her arm to get dressed or undressed, wash under her arm or apply deodorant or shave under her arm.

Last year we researched adaptive aids to allow Lynne to shave under her arm but didn’t really have any great ideas that were going to make it easier for her. She continued to rely on support workers to shave her underarms.

Lynne has recently started a treatment block of InterX therapy focusing on her shoulder pain. After two sessions Lynne came into the clinic and shared the news that she was able to shave under her arm herself. She was able to lift her arm up above her head with minimal discomfort, in Lynne’s words she described her pain as “nothing to write home about”. This means that she now feels confident in going to the pool for hydro without having to wait for her support worker to come along to shave under her arms.

Cant wait to hear how this has made life easier for Lynne in our next treatment session. This is great news and Lynne’s story made my day!

Geelong Neuro Centre is a registered NDIS provider.

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