Wheelchair, Seating and Positioning at The Geelong Neuro Centre

Our Geelong Neuro Centre Wheelchair Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic led by our Occupational Therapy Seating Specialist to ensure your seating system is comfortable and functional. We strive to find individual customised solutions to ensure comfort, improve function and prevent secondary complications associated with poor posture.

Secondary complications may include:

  • Pressure areas and tissue trauma
  • Poor function and increased dependency
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Reduced systemic function
  • Fatigue
  • Immobility
  • Contractures and spasticity

Working as a team we provide:

Seating and Positioning and Wheelchair Evaluation
  • Complete an in depth assessment exploring your goals.
  • We complete a comprehensive assessment of the specific postural problems considering functional ability and lifestyle. This involves consideration of other equipment that is already in use such as environmental controls, communication aids, etc
Computerised Pressure Mapping
  • Using our world class Xsensor pressure mapping system to provide objective evidence of your pressure and postural needs
Equipment Trials
  • Complete equipment trials in your own environment to ensure the equipment meets your needs. This may include adjusting your current seating setup or trialling new equipment such as wheelchairs or pressure cushions.
  • Explore options for transport including ramps, modified vehicles or public transport
Funding Applications
  • Complete funding applications as required
Delivery and Setup
  • Ensure that all equipment is setup and adjusted as required
  • Provide training for families, carers, school and workplace.
24 hour positioning
  • People who need specialised wheelchair seating usually also require help with posture throughout the day and night (24-hour postural management), not only for sitting but also when lying in bed.
Geelong Neuro Centre is a registered NDIS provider.

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