About Our Paediatric Services at The Geelong Neuro Centre

The Paediatric Geelong Neuro Centre is a dedicated paediatric multidisciplinary rehabilitation facility that supports babies, toddlers and kids across the Geelong, Greater Geelong and Western District Region. We provide individualised and specialist evidence-based therapy for neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions, movement difficulties and injuries.

We are passionate about working with the wider support team, family, Paediatricians, GP and other allied health professionals to maximise outcomes and provide the best possible care. Treatment can be provided in both the clinic or home environment depending on the child’s goals.

Paediatric Exercise Physiology

Paediatric Exercise Physiologists specialise in the complexities of neurological based rehabilitation by driving neuroplasticity and motor development.

Our Exercise Physiologists are qualified allied health professionals who have the knowledge and skills to prescribe individualised exercise interventions so your child can reach their maximum potential.

Our team of Paediatric Exercise Physiologists can assist with:

  • Improved muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility.
  • Improve motor development and physical fitness.
  • Improve gait through treadmill and movement pattern training
  • Improve motor learning, planning, skills and coordination.
  • Assist with emotional regulation.
  • Lifestyle and behaviour modification to decrease challenging behaviours.
  • Increase community participation and social interaction.
  • Return to sport injury management for children.
  • Functional exercise that is task specific to activities of daily living

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapists specialise and diagnose children with neurological, physical and developmental delays. Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled in assessment and prescription of interventions that meet your child’s goals and improve functional capacity, focussing on physical abilities and movement.

Our team of Paediatric Physiotherapists can assist with:

  • Improve ability by focussing on muscle strength, range of motion and muscle control.
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills.
  • Task specific training like rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, climbing.
  • Neurodevelopmental therapies and movement training.
  • Improve sensory impairments through sensorimotor interventions.
  • Improve postural control, balance and coordination.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

A paediatric occupational therapist uses specialist approaches and techniques to facilitate engagement, achievement or independence in activities of daily living such as those at school, play, leisure and self care skills.

Our team of Paediatric Occupational Therapists can assist with:

  • Physical skills such as fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Self care skills such as toileting, dressing, shoelaces, opening lunch boxes and toileting
  • Behaviour and sensory issues. This may be difficulty sitting still, overexcited, hard to calm, or maintain concentration. Sensitivities to noise, touch or movement.
  • Play – for example using play equipment, taking turns, playing with others, making friends and developing play interests
  • Social skills and self confidence
  • Cognitive skills such as problem solving and developing daily routines

Paediatric Speech Therapy

Paediatric speech therapists diagnose, manage and treat children who are unable to communicate effectively or have difficulty with cognitive and swallowing abilities. Our Speech Therapists improve function and develop strategies to improve your child’s communication, language and swallowing to enable optimised participation in daily activities and social situations.

Our team of Paediatric Speech Therapists can assist with:

  • Delayed language development
  • Expression and comprehension difficulties
  • Social skills
  • Speech clarity
  • Reading and writing
  • Play skills
  • Alternative communication devices
  • Cognitive skills such as attention and listening
  • Difficulties with eating and drinking
Geelong Neuro Centre is a registered NDIS provider.

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