Intensive Rehabilitation

Intensive Rehabilitation Therapy at The Geelong Neuro Centre

At GNC, our therapists strive to help our clients achieve the best possible results from their treatment. This involves offering a concentrated period of intensive therapy to speed up and intensify the learning process.

What does intensive therapy mean?

Rather than seeing a therapist once a week for eight weeks, condensing those eight sessions into one or two weeks can be more beneficial in terms of achieving functional outcomes within the same time and cost. Our clinic offers intensive treatment sessions lasting from 2-6 hours a day, with each session building upon the previous one.

This approach is especially effective for individuals with neurological conditions who require more input to enhance their learning, adaptability, and skill improvement to achieve their goals.

Neuroplasticity is the process by which the nervous system reorganizes and changes in response to a challenge or stimulus. The extent of recovery depends on the level of therapeutic effort. Without any action, no learning or adaptation occurs, and no changes take place. Neuroplasticity and learning can be enhanced through therapy that is intensive, specific, motivating, variable, context-based, and reinforced.

Will it take a long time to change?

Many people believe that neuroplasticity and change occur at a slow pace, but that’s not true. Our clients often demonstrate noticeable progress after just a few sessions. Our therapists are highly skilled to read and understand the body, allowing them to offer the most appropriate therapeutic intervention at the appropriate time, resulting in meaningful changes.

Benefits of the Intensive Rehabilitation include:

  • A variety of of therapy options using the latest equipment and technologies
  • The knowledge and expertise of a specialised neurological multidisciplinary team
  • Consultation of your external therapy team outside of the Geelong Neuro Centre.
  • Individual goal directed therapy and adaptations to your program according to your progress including an individual home exercise program.
  • The neuro programs are tailored towards your clinical needs with hours and days of therapy flexible according to your goals.
Geelong Neuro Centre is a registered NDIS provider.

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